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Descriptions of Collections

CUA Libraries offer a wide variety of media in an array of formats, from LPs and VHS tapes to DVDs and streaming audio:

Mullen Library Media Resources

Mullen Library’s media collection includes feature films (greatly enhanced by the 2003, Undergraduate Student Government donation of DVDs of the One Hundred Greatest Movies), productions of dramatic works by Shakespeare and other playwrights, classic films from the U.S. and around the world, and recordings of poets reading their own verse. There is also a growing collection of instructional videos to support the University’s curriculum. All the media items in Mullen Library are available for borrowing at the circulation desk on the first floor.

Music Library Media Resources

The Music Library in Ward Hall houses visual and sound recordings largely of opera, ballet, and musical theater presentations (filmed and staged), videos of concerts, and a few documentaries. The collection includes LPs, laser discs, compact discs, and DVDs, and the Music Library provides equipment to play all of these formats. For further information about this campus library’s media holdings, contact Thad Garrett at or 202-319-4628.

Nursing/Biology Library Media Resources

The Nursing/Biology Library collects instructional videos related to nursing and clinical settings, as well as about biology and cells. You may browse the list by title online. For further information on this campus library’s media holdings, contact Linda Todd at or 202-319-6695.

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How to Find Videos and Music

To find both videos and music, you may search by title, keyword, subject, or author (director, composer, or performer) in the WRLC Catalog. You may browse by setting limits when you search the catalog, For all videos, search for the keyword video? (including the ? allows you to search for all video formats). Limit your search to “In CU only.”

To find music, try the Music Library’s searchable databases of recordings. You may also contact the Music Library at 202-319-5424 or e-mail Thad Garrett at .

You may also want to do a new search by combining the word video? with other search terms (director, actor, topic, etc.) to create a shorter list (for example, "john wayne" video? to find films starring or about the actor).

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Streaming Audio

The Naxos Music Library, a sound-streaming service which includes classical music, jazz, world music, folk, historical recordings and more, can be accessed by current CUA students, faculty and staff through the Music Database list. Off-campus users must log in as they do for any subscription service. Users need to be signed-in to Naxos only to create a playlist. Once the music begins to play the user should sign-out so others my use the service. For further information contact Thad Garrett at or 202-319-4628.

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Borrowing Policies for Media Materials

All CUA faculty, faculty associates, staff, and students with current IDs may borrow sound and video recordings from Mullen Library. The loan period for these materials is overnight, which means the item is due before the library closes the day after check-out. For fines and other borrowing policies, see Circulation and Borrowing.

Media materials located in the Nursing/Biology Library and the Music Library are non-circulating.

Faculty may make special borrowing arrangements for classroom use of media materials. For materials at:

  • Mullen Library, contact the Circulation Desk at 202-319-5060 or .
  • The Music Library, contact Thad Garrett at 202-319-4628 or .
  • The Nursing/Biology Library, contact Linda Todd at 202-319-6695 or .

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Media Equipment in the Libraries

Mullen Library

Patrons may view DVDs using headphones on the first floor of Mullen Library in the Computer Lab, Microform Area’s TV, or on a laptop. Headphones will be provided upon request at the circulation desk. The TV in Microform Area is also available for viewing VHS.

Music Library

Patrons may visit the Music Library’s media center to play all formats of media housed in the Music Library: LPs, laser disks, compact disks, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc. Headphones are available upon request.

Nursing/Biology Library

Patrons may view VHS tapes and DVDs on the 2nd floor of the Nursing/Biology Library. DVDs may also be viewed on the computers in the lab attached to the Nursing/Biology Library. Headphones are available on request.

To borrow equipment or reserve classrooms on campus with audiovisual equipment, contact Technology Services at 202-319-4357 or

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