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Mullen Library Renovation History

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Changes Resulting from the Renovation

A Timeline of the Renovation Process with Pictures


Changes Resulting from the Renovation

-The entire stacks collection was reorganized. Previously there were over forty independent runs scattered over the eighteen sections of stacks. The General Stacks are now in one continuous run from 3A North to 1A South; the Periodical Stacks occupy rooms 1 North and 1 Center.

-The microform room on the second floor is temporarily the MERIC instruction room. Microforms are now housed in the previous instruction room and group study room (211 and 211B).

-The computer with Kurzweil software and other programs for those with disabilities, is now located in the 2nd floor hallway, near the entrance to the Main Reading Room.

-New room numbers have been assigned to all rooms on the Garden Level:

Custodial 001A Telecommunications
  006A Custodial
The Pit 010 Mechanical
024 011 Mending
024B 012 Acquisitions, Col Mgt, FTP, Serials
029A 013 Mail Room
027 014 Mechanical
  015 Building Services
Vault 016 Storage
029 017 Cataloging
  018 Elevator Mechanical
  019 Electrical Mechanical
002 020 Telecommunications
003-005 021 RBSC Annex
006 022 Oliveira Lima Library Office
007 023 Oliveira Lima Library Office
008 024 Oliveira Lima Library Reading Room
009 025 Oliveira Lima Library
033 026 RBSC Annex
  027 WOMEN
  028 MEN
  029 Steam Mechanical
033A 030 Microform Annex
040 031 Storage
015 032 Semitics/ICOR Stacks
016 033 Semitics/ICOR Periodicals
017 034 Semitics/ICOR Seminar
018 035 Semitics/ICOR Library
019 036 Semitics/ICOR Seminar
020 037 Semitics Department Office
021 038 Semitics Department Office

Renovation Timeline

-The design phase of the Mullen renovation project was completed in May. Major design initiatives include:

  • On the garden level: A new home for the libraries' Technical Services offices and compact storage areas for rare books and infrequently used microform collections.
  • On the first floor: Consolidation of library services and rejuvenation of the aesthetics of the foyer. This includes relocation of reference services, the basic reference collection, and the Mullen Electronic Research & Instruction Center (MERIC) from the second to the first floor; installation of a new circulation desk; and redesign of the Timothy C. May Gallery.
  • On the second floor: A new location for Rare Books and Special Collections (now on the first floor) and space for administrative offices and study areas.

-A general contractor was selected the week of July 22.

-Renovation work began the week of August 5 with preparation of the Garden Level for demolition and construction (link to pictures).

-The Technical Services staff moved to temporary offices the week of August 5 to allow work on the Garden Level to begin (link to pictures).

-Protective barriers were installed around the first floor columns and in front of the May Gallery during the week of August 19 (link to pictures).

-Work in the May Gallery began the week of August 26 (link to pictures).

-The library's doors were removed August 27 and will be temporarily replaced (link to pictures).

-New lighting in the stacks was being installed during the Winter.

-In January, the National Union Catalog, Pre 1956 Imprints was moved from the second floor hallway to the Main Reading Room(link to pictures).

-In January, electrical outlets were added to the third floor to accommodate patrons with laptops.

-The card catalog cabinets at the south end of the second floor hall have been moved to the center hall and organized in a U-shaped arrangement near the reference desk. The checklist, dissertation shelflist, and reference shelflist have been placed at the end of the card catalog (link to pictures).

-In February, a temporary partition was installed at the south end of the second floor hall to limit access to staff and the construction crew (link to pictures).

-Changes in the telecommunications set-up for Mullen required the removal of the last five WRLC PCs in the second floor hall at the end of February (link to pictures).

-The Acquisitions, Building Services, Cataloging, Collection Management, FTP, and Serials staff moved to new offices on the Garden Level in February.

-Preparation for demolition and construction on the first floor began in March. The first floor reading room was closed to the public, (other reading areas are available on the second and third floors) and a temporary barrier similar to the one on the south end of the second floor was constructed. The carrels were moved from the reading room to the hall outside Rare Books and the areas across from the May Gallery and the Circulation desk. During this phase of the first floor renovation the only access to the stacks on the first floor was through 1 South.

-Folios from the old Folio Room and dissertations from the Thesis Room were relocated to the new Folio Room in 1 South of the General Stacks and the old folio room was closed on April 14. Asbestos removal took place on April 14 and 15. (link to pictures).

-The Garden Level doors were painted on April 16. The walls and floors of the Garden Level hallway were painted April 17, 18, and 21.

-Painting in the stacks began on Monday, May 12. Level 3 was the first to be painted, followed by 3A, 2A, 2, 1A, and 1. The floor was off-limits to users and staff during the 8 to 10 days needed to paint each floor.

-In May, the PC carrels in the 2nd floor hallway were dismantled and discarded. The PCs from the Main Reading Room, including the two CD-ROM PCs, were moved to the 2nd floor hallway, and desks from MERIC were installed.
-The first floor of Mullen remains closed until August 21, except for access to level 1 of the Stacks. From the South, rear entrance/exit please use the elevators for access to the floors above.

-The painting is finished and all sections of the stacks are open by July.

-Access Services moved to Room 208 and LIS moved to Room 318 on Monday May 19, in preparation for renovation of the first floor. A temporary circulation desk has been set-up on the second floor to allow borrowing and reserves activities to continue. CLS and ILL will not be able to fill requests for items located in sections of the stacks being painted.

-The front doors of Mullen reopen on August 25.

-Also on August 25 the Security, Circulation, and Information desks open on the first floor of Mullen.

-Rare Books and Special Collections reopened on Tuesday September 2 and resume its regular hours of 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Other hours are available by appointment. The new location for Rare Books is Room 214, in the south wing on the second floor, and the new phone number is 202-319-5091.

-The library book sale area is closed until further notice.

-Tentative construction work hours will be 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with off-hours used for more disruptive aspects of the renovation.

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