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This directory is arranged by area within the library system.

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Liaison Librarians (by Subject)




Administrative Office (315 Mullen) 202-319-5055 fax 202-319-4735
Connaghan, Stephen University Librarian 202-319-5055
Mizell, Mary Business Manager 202-319-5464
Rymsza-Pawlowska, Elzbieta Director of Resource Management and Digital Services 202-319-5554
Stahl, Joan Director of Research and Instruction 202-319-6473
Access Services (123 Mullen) 202-319-5060  
Carson, Angelique Head of Access Services 202-319-4453
Rasby, Ruth Circulation and Student Supervisor 202-319-5060
Bright, Lindsey Resource Sharing Technician, Day 202-319-5060
Harrison, Lea Reserves Coordinator 202-319-5060
Vacant Resource Sharing Technician, Evening 202-319-5060  
Vacant Stacks Supervisor (114B Mullen) 202-319-6143  
Taye, Netsere Evening Supervisor 202-319-5060
Acquisitions/Gifts and Exchanges (012 Mullen) 202-319-5069 fax 202-319-4181
American Catholic History Research Center and
University Archives
(101 Aquinas Hall)
Meagher, Dr. Timothy Curator of American Catholic History
Collections, University Archivist
Kelly, Paul J. Digital Archivist 202-319-5065
MacDonald, Shane Archives Technician 202-319-5065
Mazzenga, Dr. Maria Education Archivist 202-319-5065
Santa Ana, Katherine Archives Assistant, GLP 202-319-5065
Shepherd, W. John Associate Archivist 202-319-5065
Architecture and Planning Library (016 Crough) 202-319-5167  
Hules, Anne Marie Architecture and Planning Librarian 202-319-5548
Chen, Min-Jing Library Technician 202-319-5167
Leonard, Nicole Library Assistant 202-319-5167
Cataloging (017 Mullen) 202-319-5066  
Czubik, Leszek Cataloger 202-319-5787
Katusz, Leonard Senior Cataloger 202-319-5023
Electronic Resources and Services (117, 220 Mullen) 202-319-4569  
Zhang, Shanyun Head of Electronic Resources and Services 202-319-5839
Fredericksen, Kristen Information Processing Librarian 202-319-5073
Fullam, Laura Electronic Services Assistant, GLP 202-319-5078
James, Christian Web Application Librarian 202-319-6433
Weinstein, Lynn Digital Acquisitions Librarian 202-319-5389
Facilities (013 Mullen) 202-319-4009  
Isakovic, Emir Building Services Manager
(015 Mullen)
Zekovic, Becir General Services Assistant 202-319-5306  
Fast Track Project (017 Mullen) 202-319-5020  
Gomes, Nirmal Fast Track Project Team Leader 202-319-5067
Library Information Systems (220 Mullen) 202-319-6131  
Savari, Amalaraj Library Management Systems Librarian 202-319-5245
Music Library (101 Ward) 202-319-5424  
Barham, Rachel Library Technician 202-319-5424
Bruhn, Christopher Library Assistant, GLP 202-319-5424
Nursing/Biology Library (212 Gowan) 202-319-5411 202-319-5410
Todd, Linda Life Sciences Librarian 202-319-6695
Sidwell, Erin Library Assistant, GLP 202-319-5411
Tian, Zhongwei Library Technician 202-319-5411
Oliveira Lima Library (022 Mullen) 202-319-5059  
Cohen, Thomas Curator 202-319-5059
Physics (101 Hannan) 202-319-5320  
Hoffman, Kimberly Coordinator of Scholarly Communications 202-319-6178
Preservation (012 Mullen) 202-319-5072  
Kowalski, Meghan Head of Preservation 202-319-4263
Antiporda, Charito-Grace Collection Management Assistant 202-319-5072
Simon, Chris Technical Services Technician 202-319-5072
Sampsell, Ramona Technical Services Technician 202-319-5072
Rare Books and Special Collections (214 Mullen) 202-319-5091  
Rouse, Lenore Curator,
Rare Books and Special Collections
Reference and Instructional Services (124 Mullen) 202-319-5070  
Berry, Karen Library Assistant, GLP 202-319-5064
Garrett, Thad Instruction and Marketing Librarian 202-319-4628
Hoffman, Kimberly Coordinator of Scholarly Communications 202-319-6178
Hules, Anne Marie Architecture and Planning Librarian 202-319-5548
Religious Studies and Humanities Services (314, 316 Mullen) 202-319-5088  
Gunn, Kevin Coordinator of Religious Studies
and Humanities Services
Booher, Dustin Religious Studies Librarian 202-319-5088
Russell, Samuel Library Assistant, GLP 202-319-5088
Zvir, Taras Library Technician 202-319-5088
Semitics/ICOR Library (035 Mullen) 202-319-5084  
Blanchard, Dr. Monica J. Curator,
Semitics/ICOR Collections
Pohlen, Victoria Library Assistant, GLP 202-319-5084
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