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-Who is a Faculty Associate?
-What is the loan period?
-How do I borrow books?
-May I designate a proxy for borrowing?
-How do I renew books?
-How do I borrow videos?
-What are recalls and searches?
-How do I place items on reserve?
-What is a courtesy hold?
-What is WRLC?
-What is the Consortium Loan Service (CLS)?

-What is interlibrary loan (ILL)?
-What is the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program?
-May I borrow a laptop?
-How much are overdue fines?
-What is a lost item?
-What is a block?
-Do I need an ID to enter Mullen and the campus libraries?
-Are bags checked when exiting?
-If I have other questions...


Who is a Faculty Associate? A faculty associate is any non-tenure-track teaching employee of The Catholic University of America (CUA): lecturer, teaching assistant, adjunct professor, visiting professor, artist-in-residence, clinical associate, research assistant, research associate, Dumbarton fellow, or Mellon fellow.
What is the faculty loan period? Faculty associates may borrow up to 750 regular circulating items on a semester-long loan but may not borrow non-circulating items. Faculty associates may renew any item that has not been recalled, in person or through their online library account, My Library Account. Faculty associates are subject to all recall and reserve loan policies and may not borrow if they have five or more overdue items, one or more recalled items, or owe $25.00 or more in fines. Blocks also may be placed on faculty associate records when a patron has items overdue or owes fines at any Consortium institution.
How do I borrow books? Register by presenting your Cardinal Card (CUA ID) at the Circulation desk in Mullen Library. After you register you may borrow books from Mullen, the campus libraries, and the WRLC libraries. You must present your Cardinal Card at the circulation desk to borrow circulating items.
May I designate a proxy for borrowing? Yes, you may designate a proxy to borrow items from CUA, the Consortium Loan Service, and interlibrary loan. Contact Access Services (202-319-5060) for information on the requirements and to obtain a Proxy Borrower Card application. Click to download the "Proxy Borrower Card Information and Application"(PDF format).
How do I renew books? Through My Library Account or in person. Most items may be renewed three times. Recalled items may not be renewed. Interlibrary loan renewals must be authorized by the lending library.
How do I borrow videos?

You may borrow DVDs and/or VHS tapes from Mullen Library for a three-day loan period. These items are available behind the circulation desk. In order to borrow a video, you will first need to look up the title in the catalog to see if CUA owns a copy. Make sure that it is listed as "Available" in the catalog, then bring the call number to the circulation desk staff. You will be allowed to check the item out for three days. You may check out up to 3 videos at a time.

If the item you are looking for is not available at CUA but is available in the consortium, you may request it through the Consortium Loan Service. For more information on how to request items, see the CLS Guidelines.

What are recalls and searches? A recall is a request to use an item borrowed by another patron. A search is a request for library staff to locate an item not on the shelf. For more information see Recalls and Search Requests.
How do I place items on reserve? Obtain copyright permission if necessary and fill out a Reserve Request Form. Books are placed on reserve in Mullen and the campus libraries. Most reserve articles are available electronically through Blackboard. See Instructions for Placing Items on Reserve and the Copyright Information page.
What is a courtesy hold? Temporary shelving of an item at the Mullen Circulation desk for pickup at a later time. Any circulating stacks book brought to the Circulation desk will be held for a period of three days. Journals cannot be placed on hold.
What is WRLC? The Washington Research Library Consortium, a group of eight university libraries from which you may borrow in person or through the Consortium Loan Service. See WRLC Borrowing Policies for details.
What is the Consortium Loan Service (CLS)? A service that allows you to request items online from the other WRLC libraries. Books are delivered to Mullen Library and articles are sent through the Web. For instructions see Consortium Loan Service.
What is interlibrary loan (ILL)? A service through which faculty and graduate students may obtain books, articles, and other materials not available in the CUA or WRLC libraries. For instructions see Interlibrary Loan Service .
What is the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program? A program that permits direct borrowing at participating institutions around the country. For additional information, a list of participating institutions, and an OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing card, contact Access Services (202-319-5060).
May I borrow a laptop? Yes, you may borrow a laptop at the Circulation desk in Mullen for use in Mullen Library. For more information see Wireless Network in Mullen Library.
How much are overdue fines? Faculty associates are subject to all fine policies. Please consult the Access Services Policies and Procedures guides for further information.
What is a lost item? An item that has been overdue for 39 days. Please see Lost Book Policy for the lost book fee. The lost item fee for laptops is the current market value of the laptop.
What is a block? A hold on your record that prevents you from borrowing. Blocks are placed when you have five or more overdue items, one overdue recalled item, or one lost item from CUA. You will be blocked from borrowing from the other WRLC libraries if you owe $25.00 or more in fines.
Do I need an ID to enter Mullen and the campus libraries? Yes, you need your Cardinal Card. If you do not have your Cardinal Card you must show a photo ID and sign in.
Are bags checked when exiting? Yes, for the security of the collections Mullen Library reserves the right to check all bags as patrons exit the building.
If I have other questions... Call 202-319-5060, send e-mail to , or stop by the Circulation desk in Mullen Library.

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