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Lost Book Policy

If you lose a CUA library book, three fines (totaling $120.00) will appear on your account:

  • Lost Item Replacement Fee ($80.00)
  • Lost Item Processing Fee ($30.00)
  • Overdue Fee ($10.00)


If you find and return the lost item to the library (no matter how late!) the Lost Item Replacement and Processing Fees (totaling $110.00) will be waived, and you will only be responsible for the $10 overdue fee.

  • Lost Item Replacement Fee ($80.00) WAIVED!
  • Lost Item Processing Fee ($30.00) WAIVED!
  • Overdue Fee ($10.00)


Borrowers who have been billed for a lost book may be able to provide a replacement copy of the exact same book (same ISBN) in lieu of paying the replacement cost (they will still be charged the processing fee and overdue fines) Acceptance of a replacement book is provisional. The book will be reviewed in a timely manner by the relevant subject librarian or by the Coordinator of Collection Development to determine whether it will be accepted. If it is accepted, the replacement fee will be waived. If it is not, the borrower will be held liable for the replacement fee and will be notified of that decision.

  • Lost Item Replacement Fee ($80.00) WAIVED upon acceptance!
  • Lost Item Processing Fee ($30.00)
  • Overdue Fee ($10.00)


If you believe you've already returned the lost book to the library, you may request at the Circulation Desk that a search be initiated for the book. The library staff will search for the book for six weeks.

  • If the book is found in those six weeks, all fines associated with the lost item will be removed from your account.
  • If the book is not found after six weeks of searching, you will be responsible for all fines associated with the lost item ($120.00 total).


If you lose a book that you've borrowed from one of the consortium schools, you must contact the lending library directly with any questions or concerns regarding the lost book or the associated fines.

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