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Instructions for Placing Items on Reserve

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Completing the Reserve Request Form

A completed Reserve Request Form is required for all items placed on reserve. We are unable to accept e-mail or other lists, or printouts of citations from the WRLC Libraries Catalog.

  1. Download a PDF copy of the Reserve Request Form (PDF)* to print and complete or download a Microsoft Word version of the Reserve Request Form (doc) to complete electronically and print.
  2. Fill out one form for each course.
  3. List each item separately, limit of 40 per course.
  4. Indicate the length of circulation for each non-electronic item. There are four options:
    • Two hours - This period is required for all periodicals and other restricted use materials. It is also recommended for faculty members' personal copies.
    • One day
    • Three days
    • Seven days
    All items without specified periods of circulation will be placed on two-hour reserve. If an item is being used for more than one course, the shorter loan period requested will take precedence.
  5. Indicate the number of copies of each item you are placing on reserve. All photocopies will be scanned and placed on electronic reserve, then returned to the instructor. The library will not keep any photocopies in house.
  6. Sign the copyright waiver.
  7. Submit the Reserve Request Form to the designated library.
  • Reserve requests are processed in the order they are received.
  • Typed or legibly printed and complete and accurate forms are processed most rapidly.
  • Submitting library copies of your reserve books with the Reserve Request Form also will expedite processing.
  • Incomplete Reserve Request Forms or those received after the due date may not be processed by the beginning of classes.

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Copyright Information

Instructors submitting copies of copyrighted material are required to sign the copyright waiver on the front of each Reserve Request Form, and assume full responsibility for compliance with the copyright law.

  1. See Copyright Questions and Answers and the Resources, Forms, and Checklists section of the CUA Office of General Counsel's copyright site for guidance on obtaining copyright permission. For more information regarding copyright law, please contact the General Counsel's office (202-319-5142,
  2. Copies of copyrighted materials must bear the notice of copyright on the first page of each article or chapter. The following format should be used:

    “c Publisher (or Author/Title) Date.”
    Example: “c Nat’l. Assoc. of Social Workers 11/94.”

  3. Without written proof of publisher permission, non-library owned items will be available no longer than 1 semester.
  4. Without written proof of publisher permission only 1 chapter from the same book will be available electronically at any one time.

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Placing Items on Electronic Reserve

  1. Fill out the Reserve Request Form (PDF)* and submit the form with photocopies (if item is not available online) of your reserve material. The library will scan the material into PDF files. For library owned online material, a link will placed to the requested item.
  2. Access Services staff will upload PDF files to Blackboard or provide faculty with a secured URL.
  3. Items on Blackboard are password protected and available only to students enrolled in the class. Log into Blackboard using your CUA Network ID. If you have trouble logging in please contact Technology Services.

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Reserve Items Not Owned by the Library

  1. If a book listed on a Reserve Request Form is not owned by CUA, a subject librarian is notified and the title usually is ordered. A minimum of six weeks is necessary for a book to be ordered, added to the collection, and placed on reserve.
  2. Personal copies of books and other materials may be placed on reserve for 1 semester.
  3. We cannot place items on reserve that belong to other libraries, including WRLC libraries.

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How Long Will an Item Stay on Reserve?

  1. Items remain on reserve for one semester. All materials will be taken off reserve at the end of the semester indicated on the form.
  2. Copyright clearance must be obtained every consecutive semester an item is placed on electronic reserve.
  3. Reserve Request Forms must be filled out each semester.

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Helpful Hints

  • To help students locate materials, include call numbers for library items on your class syllabus.
  • Reserve lists may be found through WRLC Libraries Catalog with a Course Reserves search ( All physical Reserves are assigned a call number for retrieval.
  • On the Reserve Request Form, cite the item information exactly as it appears on your syllabus so students know what to search in the WRLC Libraries Catalog. Include as much item information as possible.
  • Please encourage students to request assistance at the Circulation Desk (first floor Mullen Library; 202-319-5060) if they have questions about course reserve listings in the WRLC Libraries Catalog or about electronic reserves.

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