The Catholic University of America

Commercial Bindery Preparation


new spines

Books to be sent to the commercial bindery include journals and soft cover monographs.Some damaged books from the library collections are sent for re-binding.

Before sending items to the commercial bindery the books undergo any necessary bindery preparation procedures, such as, updating holdings records, mending torn pages, tipping in loose pages, reinforcing loose text blocks or any other minor repair.

Once materials are returned from the bindery, the books undergo a quality control inspection before being sent to Shelf Preparation.

Books too fragile to be rebound can be preserved in specially made preservation enclosures. Each volume destined for an enclosure is carefully measured for an exact fit. Some fragile books are reformatted, that is photocopied and/or digitized.

We use the preservation, conservation and reformatting services of The HFGroup and Etherington Conservation Center, Greensboro, NC as well as the Bridgeport National Bindery, Agawam MA.


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