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In-House Preservation Activities


The heart of the department's preservation activities is our in-house book repair facility. Here skilled workers lovingly restore damaged books to usable condition (right). Minor repairs performed here include repairing torn pages, tipping in loose pages, photocopying replacements for heavily damaged pages, repairing bindings, etc.

tip in

major book repair

Major book repairs include, replacing spines, resewing loose books, creating pockets for supplemental material, etc.

Music scores are sewn into special binders for protection (right). Pressboard binders are used for pamphlets.

choral scores bound

wood pulp

Brittle books that are crumbling can be photocopied. Small books and pamphlets can be done in-house. Large scale preservation photocopying is sent to a book conservator (left).

Extensive book and paper cleaning is done whenever necessary (right).



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