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Digital Scholarship

Digital Scholarship (DS) is the use of digital technologies for answering research questions, teaching in innovative ways, publishing scholarly material on new platforms, and preserving the digital record for future research. Issues in digital scholarship can involve scholars knowing their publishing rights, putting together a successful digital portfolio for promotion and tenure, avoiding predatory publishers, putting together a data management plan, writing successful grants, and understanding copyright issues.

The Catholic University of America librarians invite faculty and students to consult with us on their digital project needs.

Librarians can provide assistance in developing digital projects, recommending tools and methodologies, teaching workshops on topics/tools, consulting on data management needs, determining the preservation of a project, establishing your digital presence through ORCID, and addressing many of the issues listed above.

To keep abreast of digital scholarship trends and issues, follow our digital scholarship blog.

Need a consultation? Contact Kevin Gunn, Coordinator of Digital Scholarship, 202-319-5504,

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