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Gift Policy for the Music Library

(Updated 8/11)

The Music Library appreciates donations. Please note that these are specialized policies for the Music Library. For general policies, click here.

Donations of music materials are accepted directly at the Music Library. However, before delivering anything to the Music Library, please consult the Music Librarian, Thad Garrett (202-319-4628).

We accept music, sound and printed, encompassing all genres (classical, popular, folk, world, musical theatre, etc.). Items must be in good condition with no evident mold and with all pieces intact. If we decide not to acquire an item, it will be placed in our music sale.

Accepted Formats

  • CDs (compact discs) and DVDs (digital versatile discs)
  • Musical Scores and Sheet Music
  • Books
  • Periodicals — Periodicals are only accepted upon consultation with the Music Librarian. We generally do not accept common periodicals such as Opera News or other titles which are readily available online.
  • Archival Material — We encourage donations of materials related to CUA such as programs, photos, recordings, letters, correspondence, etc. We do not accept programs (e.g. opera programs from performances at the Kennedy Center) unless they are CUA-related.
  • Manuscripts — Manuscripts in great numbers are only accepted upon consultation with the Music Librarian.

Outdated Formats

We no longer accept the following formats (exceptions might be made for Gregorian Chant and items related to CUA):

  • Laser Discs (12-inch video discs)
  • LPs (Long-Play Records)
  • Cassette tapes (audio cassettes)
  • Videocassettes (VHS tapes)
  • 8-track tapes
  • 78s (78 RPM records)


We accept the following in working condition:

  • Laser Disc players
  • DVD players
  • CD players
  • LP players (turntables)
  • Speakers
  • Receivers

We do not accept the following:

  • 8-track players
  • VHS players (VCRs)
  • Televisions
  • Beta/Betamax players
  • Cassette tape players and dubbers

We may accept certain outdated/older equipment even in non-working condition, such as reel-to-reel players, Moog synthesizers, and players of unusual formats. Please consult the music librarian for more information.

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