The Catholic University of America

Directions to CUA Music Library

101 Ward Hall
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20064
Telephone: (202)-319-5424

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We are located on the campus of The Catholic University of America in Ward Hall (Benjamin T. Rome School of Music). Ward Hall is the red brick building just north of the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on Harewood Road NE. The closest intersection is Michigan Avenue and Harewood Road or 4th Street NE. Ward Hall is shaped like a capital H. The Music Library is on the ground floor in the northeast corner. The street address of Catholic University is 620 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20064. There is 3-hour non-metered parking on Harewood Road.

By Car: The driveway for Ward Hall is located on Harewood Road across the street from the Ukrainian Temple. From Taylor Street, NE, it will be on the left. From Michigan Ave., it will be on the right. Turn in to this driveway and Ward Hall is the first building on your left.

By Metro: Take the Red Line to the Brookland/CUA stop. Exit to your left (CUA side). We are on the west side of the campus, about a 7-minute walk from the metro. Walk to the right of Mullen Library. Walk in the general direction of the Basilica; pass MacMahon Hall (with a green dome on top) on your right. Ward Hall is the red brick building to the right of the Basilica. Go down the hill using the sidewalk between the Basilica and Ward Hall. Enter the building through the courtyard. Go down the stairs and through the building. When you see the soda machines, turn right and go through the other courtyard to the door on the opposite side. Or just ask someone when you get to the building!

Accessibility: The Music Library is wheelchair accessible. Since there is only one ramp, we recommend calling ahead (202.319.5424) so that someone can meet you at the Harewood Road sidewalk. Due to facilities constraints, all of the aisles in the library stacks are not accessible; however, our staff will be happy to retrieve items that are out of reach.

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