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Welcome to the Fall 2009 edition of the CUA Libraries Newsletter. We are pleased to share with you recent news about the University Libraries and staff.

As always, we welcome comments, questions, and suggestions at our online comment form.

We hope you enjoy this issue of our Newsletter. You can continue to follow the latest Library news as they are posted at University Libraries News & Events. Please comment on our stories and subscribe to the RSS feeds.

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Introducing Kim Hoffman

Kimberly Hoffman joins CUA Libraries as the Coordinator of Science Libraries. Kim was born on an Air Force base in Misawa, Japan and grew up in Michigan. She graduated from the University of Detroit with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering BCE. She earned a Masters of Library Science at Kent State University. Her varied career experience includes:

  • A stint with the Army Corps of Engineers
  • A computer consultant
  • Writing grants for and supervising the computer labs for Elementary Schools
  • Internet Instructor
  • High School Librarian
  • Academic Librarian

Welcome Kim!

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Naxos Music Library: Streaming Music for Study and Listening Pleasure

One of the many excellent databases brought to you courtesy of the CUA Libraries allows you to stream music of many genres on your computer. The Naxos Music Library is a sound-streaming service including the complete recordings of the Naxos label and others. It includes classical music (ancient times to the present), jazz, world music, folk, historical recordings and more. In addition to over 38,000 CDs (over half a million tracks), which can be compiled into personal playlists, the service contains extensive biographical information on composers and artists and notes on the works.

Important User Note: You only need to be signed in to make your listening choice. As soon as the music starts to play, please remember to sign out so that other listeners can make their choices. Only five people are allowed to make selections simultaneously.

Please contact the Music Librarian, Maurice Saylor ( ), if you have any questions. Enjoy!

~ Maurice Saylor, Music Librarian

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LibGuides: Your Guide to CUA Library Resources

Research Guides screenshot

This fall librarians have been busy writing new research guides and overhauling old ones. We have introduced a new system that gives librarians direct access to creating and editing subject and course guides. At the time that this article was written, twenty-five guides had been published on a diverse range of subjects.

The platform being used to support the new research guides is a product called "LibGuides". It was developed specifically with libraries in mind, and provides many Web 2.0 and social networking features that students have come to expect from a website. Many librarians are taking advantage of these features to provide timely information as well as additional ways to interact directly with the librarian.

Each guide includes contact information for the responsible librarian, and many include instant message chat widgets for real time assistance. The library's IM reference service has already proven to be popular - now students and faculty may have access to real time chat with a librarian who specializes in their subject of interest.

Other ways to interact with content on the guides include commenting, polls and even user submissions. Guides can also include web videos, incorporate RSS feeds from other sites, and link directly to items in the ALADIN catalog as well as other electronic resources that the library provides.

Screenshot of browse list

It is expected that the guides will be regularly updated and it is possible to subscribe to an RSS feed for each guide in order to receive notification of modifications. Guides can be shared through other popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious.

When a user lands on the new research guide portal they will have a number of options to locate a guide of interest. All of the guides have been assigned to a broad subject area similar to the division of schools at CUA, and can be browsed by using a list that appears in a column on the left. The front page also includes a list of the top ten most popular guides, and a search box with options to search the research guides, ALADIN catalog, or the internet.

Although we are making guides available as they are published, the official switchover from the current research guides will occur at the beginning of the spring 2010 semester. Keep an eye on the site as librarians continue to create new guides and add more content throughout the fall. Faculty are welcome to request course-specific guides from the appropriate subject librarian.

~ Jonathan M. Smith, Electronic Services Librarian

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Spotlight on a Staff Member

Raj Savari, Library Management Systems Librarian

Q: Where in India are you from? Raj Savari
A: I was born in a city called Tindivanam, close to Madras, India.
Q: Please tell us about your family
A: I have been married to my wife, Martha for almost 23 years. She works as an accounting supervisor at Providence Hospital. We have two beautiful daughters, Priscilla and Sharena. Sharena is 18, and a freshman here at Catholic, majoring in Computer Science. Priscilla graduated from Catholic with Biology major this past May and is currently at the University of Maryland in the Master of Arts program for Speech Language Pathology. We are a small, but close family and we really enjoy spending time with each other.
Q: What did you study in undergraduate school? Where did you get your degree?
A: I did my undergraduate studies in Madras University in India with Physics major and a second major in Education.
Q: Where did you get your Masters in Science of Library Science (MSLS)?
A: I got my masters degree in Library Science and Information Systems at Catholic University of America.
Q: Why did you decide to come to the U.S.?
A: I came to the US after I was married. I knew that by coming to the US I would have more of an opportunity to become successful. More importantly, I knew that that my children would have more opportunities for education in the US and maybe even a better quality of life.
Q: How long have you been with CUA Libraries?
A: I have been with CUA Libraries for about 22 years.
Q: Why did you decide to become a librarian?
A: I started working at CUA Library as soon as I came to USA. I thought it will be smart to get an MSLS and move on in the same field.
Q: What is a typical work day like?
A: I make sure all the servers are up in running so that staff will not have any problem logging into their PC when they come in the morning. I check all the Public PCs to make sure they are up in running and Printer are functioning right. I perform hardware and software installations and upgrades for library computer systems across various platforms. I also perform computer and network hardware and software maintenance and troubleshooting within library guidelines.
Q: What is your favorite book (sorry, I had to ask)?
A: Any technology related books or magazines.
Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: Photography.
Q: What's your idea of a great vacation?
A: My idea of a great vacation is a one with my whole family. I hope to go to France sometime soon.
Q: What is your goal in life?
A: I would like to become an expert in my field and improve my knowledge of photography.
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