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Stephen Connaghan new Acting Director of Libraries

Stephen Connaghan

Long time CUA staff member, Steve Connaghan, was named Acting Director of the CUA Libraries upon the resignation of Associate Provost Kimberly Kelley in November 2009. Steve grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and came to Catholic University for his undergraduate degree. His undergraduate concentration was in Anthropology with sub-concentrations in History and Computer Science. Though three of his cousins and his brother also graduated from to CUA, his wife, Kate McDuffie, has even stronger CUA roots. his father-in-law, Dr. George E. McDuffie, Jr., was a long time member of the faculty in electrical engineering and served as dean for many years. Steve's mother-in-law and four of his wife's siblings and a niece also earned degrees at Catholic, including Director of Alumni Relations, Marion McDuffie Gosney. Steve and his wife have two children, a seven year-old son and a five year-old daughter.

Steve was kind enough to tell us something about himself:

Q: You have worn many hats at CUA Libraries. Tell us about them:
A: I started working for the University Libraries as a part-time library assistant in the Eng/Arch/Math Library during my junior year. In my senior year, I worked at both the E/A/M Library and at the circulation desk of Mullen Library. During the summer after graduation I worked on the migration of library management systems as we transitioned from our CUA only system to the first system we shared with the other members of WRLC.

While pursuing my MSLS at the School of Library and Information Science, I served as the Graduate Library Preprofessional (GLP) for Interlibrary Loan. During my first months we automated our method of checking out borrowed ILL materials to our patrons. At the time, circulation services and library technology was one unit. It afforded me great opportunities to continue working with the systems in the library.

My first professional position was as the Electronic Access Librarian. In this position I supervised ILL, document delivery, evaluated and managed electronic resources, and did software support for the Libraries. As library services and systems became more networks based, the amount of time I spent with systems grew. I served as Head of Library Information Systems for two years before adding facilities responsibilities in preparation for our big renovation in 2002-2004. In the past few years I've taken on new administrative duties as Associate Director for Library Technology under Mike McLane and as Director of Library Administration under Dr. Kimberly Kelley.
Q: Why did you decide to become a librarian?
A: Regular trips to our public libraries were a part of my childhood (thanks, Mom), and I've always enjoyed going to libraries. I think the encouragement of my supervisors at the Eng/Arch/Math Library and later at the Mullen circulation desk was key to me joining the profession-especially Amy Kost, at the time a GLP herself, and Tom Marcum ( Associate Director of Technical Services at CUA Libraries, retired), whose wife, Dr. Deanna Marcum, was then dean of the School of Library and Information Science.
Q: What is a typical work day like?
A: There is no typical day these days. I spend a lot of time communicating with our librarians, many segments of our campus community, and colleagues at our partner institutions in WRLC and the Catholic Research Resources Alliance.
Q: What is your favorite book (sorry, I had to ask)?
A: How can someone have a favorite book?
Q: What's your idea of a great vacation?
A: I generally like quiet vacations where I can relax. I always enjoy renting a house at the beach. Downtown Rehoboth is nice in that you can walk to so many fun, casual, family friendly places, though this summer we're going to Hatteras Island to make use of our great National Parks. Another great recent vacation was to Colorado. We just tooled around visiting relatives and seeing sights from Denver to Salida to the Great Sand Dunes National Park; at the dunes we got a taste of the beach at 8200 feet by playing in the snow melt runoff in July.

And any great vacation involves books. Before last summer's trip my son asked my wife, "Is there a library at the beach?" She answered, "Yes." "Is there a bookstore at the beach?" "Yes." To which my son replied, "Good."
Q: What is the ONE thing every CUA student should know about the CUA Libraries?
A: The librarians, archivists and staff of the University Libraries are incredibly dedicated and are eager to help you. Don't ever hesitate to ask.

Steve is one of CUA Libraries greatest assets and we are lucky to have him! Congratulations Steve!

~ Anne Marie Hules, Reference Librarian for Library and Information Science

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