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The Edward J. Belanger, Jr. Staff Award for Excellence

Picture of Raj Savari

Almalaraj Savari, known to us as "Raj," is the 2010 winner of the Edward J. Belanger, Jr. Staff Award for Excellence. Raj was absolutely excited to receive this award!

Raj is originally from the town, Tindivanum, in the southern part of India. He has lived in the United States since March of 1988. Raj has been married for 23 years, and he has 2 beautiful daughters. His older daughter graduated from CUA with a B.S. in Biology, and is now studying for her Master's in Speech Science at the University of Maryland. His younger daughter is a freshman here at CUA studying Social Science. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters back in India.

Raj has an extensive college background. He attended 2 universities in India. From the University of Madras, he received his B.S. in Physics, and from the University of Madurai, he received his Bachelor's in Education. In the United States he matriculated into CUA only to graduate with an M.S. in Library Science. He later on obtained his IT Certification from Metropolitan College.

One unique life experience Raj had was, that upon graduating from college, he taught high school students for 10 years. He also has many hobbies and interests to include photography, listening to music, and watching horror movies! His favorite part of his job is "everything and anything related to computers" and working with all of his colleagues.

For the future, Raj wants to "be good at what [he's] doing as far as [his] job" and "to get more education in an IT related field." What excites Raj most about CUA is being a part of the community here. He also likes the people with whom he works, especially in the library.

We like you, too, Raj, and we would like to thank you for all you do for us all the time: We would like to congratulate you on receiving this award. Yeah, Raj!

~ Angela Michelle Bolger, GLP, Reference Services

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