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May 2004 Issue:
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Message from the Editors

Welcome to the second edition of CUA Libraries Online. We have appreciated your comments and will continue to solicit your opinions and ideas. Please direct comments about the newsletter and letters or questions to the editors via our contact form.

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Mullen Renovation News

Renovations are complete on Mullen's first floor. The new inviting space offers iMacs for research, comfortable chairs, and a computer lab where patrons may access the Internet and library resources as well as plug in laptops. The library instruction classroom--complete with outlets for laptops--is also available to patrons when library classes are not in session.

Some important resources have moved to the south end of the first floor during the renovation:

The microfilm room and microfilm readers. (For microfiche, visit the Information Desk and speak with a librarian.)

The PC workstation for patrons with visual impairments.

The CD-ROM workstations equipped with Social Science Citation Index, Pennsylvania Gazetteer, Catholic Periodicals Index, and Index Islamicus.

The library instruction classroom [Mullen Electronic Resources and Instruction Center (MERIC) classroom].

Visit the Information Desk on the first floor with any questions about using the new and improved Mullen, or browse our detailed renovation page for information about other reading rooms and collections.

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Borrow Museum Artifacts from CUA Archives

If you haven't seen the samurai knight in the International Student and Scholar Services office, you should pay him a visit. He is just one example of the artifacts owned by the American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives and exhibited on campus.

This museum collection of donated objects from around the world, and from many periods and styles, dates back to CUA's early days. University departments and offices may borrow museum pieces to add a touch of history and beauty to their offices. Interested parties should contact the ACHRC/UA, Life Cycle Building Room 101, at 202-319-5065, or e-mail Jennifer Butler at

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Dissertation Abstracts International: Find Full-text Dissertations--Free!

Finding the full text of dissertations can be challenging--but not always. Many patrons are unaware that Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI), a database to which CUA Libraries subscribes, provides the full text of most dissertations dated after 1996 from U.S. universities.

To access DAI from, open "ALADIN Web Page," then click on "Alphabetical List of Databases A-M." Scroll down to DAI and click "Connect." You can search in the database by school (type in "Catholic University of America," for example, or "0043," our school code), dissertation director, subject area, author, title, keyword, and more.

When a "Free Download" button appears in the dissertation record, you can click on it to order the dissertation electronically. Within minutes, you will find a message from DAI in your e-mail inbox with a URL, which allows you to view and download the dissertation you ordered. It's fast, easy, and there is no charge.

You may also access the Dissertations from CUA database, which allows you to search for dissertations from this university, which may work better if you only have an author's last name and want to search from a smaller pool only at CUA.

For help using DAI or finding dissertations before 1997, please contact the Information Desk at 202-319-5070 or e-mail a subject librarian.

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New and Notable Books at CUA Libraries

Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power. By George Soros. New York: Public Affairs, 2004. [E902 .S67 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Communities of Informed Judgment: Newman's Illative Sense and Accounts of Rationality.
By Frederick D. Aquino. Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, 2004. [BTZ50 .A69 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Cross and the Crescent: Christianity and Islam from Muhammad to the Reformation
. By Richard Fletcher. New York : Viking, 2004. [BP172 .F59 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Culture, Class, and Work among Arab-American Women. By Jen'nan Ghazal Read. New York: LFB Scholarly Pub. LLC, 2004. [E184 .A65 R43 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance.
By Martin G. Abegg, Jr. (with James E. Bowley & Edward M. Cook & in consultation with Emanuel Tov). Leiden: Brill, 2003. [BM487 .A72 2003 Rel. Studies/Phil. Library]

Dictionary of Buddhism.
By Damien Keown. Contributors: Stephen Hodge, Charles Jones (CUA faculty), and Paoli Tinti. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2003. [BLQ 130 .K46 2003 Rel. Studies/Phil. Library]

Effective Advertising: Understanding When, How, and Why Advertising Works. By Gerard J. Tellis. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2004. [HF5823 .T273 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Identity in Narrative: A Study of Immigrant Discourse. By Anna De Fina. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2003. [E184.M5 D35 2003 Mullen Stacks]

In Sickness and Play: Children Coping with Chronic Illness. By Cindy Dell Clark. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2003. [RJ436 .A8 C535 2003 Mullen Stacks]

Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online.
By John M. Grohol. New York: Guilford, 2004. [RC437.2 .G76 2004 Mullen Reference]

Is the Market Moral?: A Dialogue on Religion, Economics, and Justice. By Rebecca M. Blank and William McGurn. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2004. [BR115 .E3 B58 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Japanese Garden: Gateway to the Human Spirit. By Seiko Goto. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2003. [SB457.55 .K47 2003 Eng/Arch/Math Library]

John Stuart Mill: A Biography. By Nicholas Capaldi. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004. [B1606 .C36 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Social Studies Wars: What Should We Teach the Children? By Ronald W. Evans. New York: Teachers College Press, 2004. [LB1584 .E95 2004 Mullen Stacks]

Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic. By Chalmers Johnson. New York: Metropolitan Books, 2004. [UA10.5 .T36 Mullen Stacks]

Successful Grant Writing: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals. By Laura N. Gitlin and Kevin J. Lyons. New York: Springer Pub. Co., 2004. [HV41.2 .G58 2004 Nursing Library]

Unforeseen History. By Emmanuel Levinas. Translated from the French by Nidra Poller. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2004. [B2430.L483 I4613 2004 Mullen Stacks]

What Is Thought? By Eric B. Baum. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004. [BD418.3 .B38 2004 Mullen Stacks]

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Book Notes: Brief Reviews of New Titles

American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush. By Kevin Phillips. New York : Viking, 2004. [E882 .P48 2004 Mullen Stacks]
This book by Kevin Philips, noted columnist for the Los Angeles Times and a regular contributor to National Public Radio (NPR), is a searing exposé of the Bush Family culminating in George W. Bush's Presidency. The book epigraph, a quotation from President Dwight D. Eisenhower's famous farewell address, "Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machine of defense," sets the tone of the book. Phillips, a one-time Republican strategist, reveals how four generations of Bushes have risen to the top of national power since World War One. The book outlines how the Bush family entrenched itself in the American establishment by way of Ivy League schools, business, government appointments, and politics. Phillips asserts that by taking advantage of old-boy networks, cronyism, national security involvement, and political duplicity, the Bush family has used its financial and social power to gain the White House and possibly to undermine American democracy. Phillips' book is a timely and informative history of the Bush family and an interesting read as the presidential election of 2004 draws near.

Contemporary Issues in Lung Cancer: A Nursing Perspective. Ed. by Marilyn Haas. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett, 2003. [RC280 .L8 C66 2003 Nursing Library]
This six-part volume addresses many aspects of lung cancer and provides an overview of: differences between lung cancers; detection; treatment; psychosocial issues; assistance; and resources.

Health Anxiety: Clinical and Research Perspectives on Hypochondriasis and Related Conditions. Ed. by Gordon J. G. Amundson, et al. Chichester, NY: 2001. [RC552 .H8 H43 2001 Nursing Library]
In fifteen chapters, the authors tackle clinical and theoretical perspectives, assessment and treatment, related conditions, and future directions for research on hypochondriasis.

Legitimizing the Artist: Manifesto Writing and European Modernism, 1885-1915.
By Luca Somigli. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003. [N6758.5 .M63 S64 2004 Mullen Stacks]
In this essay, Somigli analyzes the "strategies of legitimation" of avant-garde movements, namely the decadents, futurism, and imagism, and how manifesto writing attempted to redefine the "social role" of the artist, while transforming aesthetics and literary practice. Somigli properly contextualizes his argument by beginning with a history of the manifesto, and explores figurations of modernism as the moment when the legitimacy of art is no longer assumed, but must be negotiated among new social and economic conditions.

Managed Behavioral Health Services, Perspectives and Practice
. Ed. by Saul Feldman. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, 2003. [RC480.5 .M3225 2003 Nursing Library]
Experts in managed behavioral health examine effects on clinical practice, economics, quality management and ethics, as well as information systems and the Internet.

Military Balance 2003-2004.
London: International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2004. (Annual) [UA15 .652 Mullen Reference]
Packed with information about the world's military, this 2003-2004 edition contains a series of maps detailing troop movements during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Also included are tables outlining arms orders and deliveries listed by country buyer and country supplier, information about Non-State Armed Groups (guerrillas, paramilitary, terrorists with political objectives), as well as a report on global terrorism. A wall-map insert shows data on recent and current armed conflicts, including fatalities and costs.

Washington in Maps, 1606-2000
By Iris Miller. New York: Rizzoli, 2002. [G1276 .S1 M54 Eng./Arch./Math Library and Mullen Reference]
Dr. Iris Miller, an adjunct faculty member of CUA's School of Architecture and Planning, has published a beautiful collection of historical maps, from the Captain John Smith Map of 1606 to current maps made with satellite technology, as well as maps of sites such as Rock Creek Park. Not simply topographical or street maps, the volume also includes statistical maps (for example, about segregated schools) and maps from organizations (for example, from International Christian Endeavor), and Miller enhances the images with wonderful insights into Washington, DC's history.

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Hermens Papers Now Available from Archives

The American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives is proud to announce that the papers of Dr. Ferdinand A. Hermens are now available to researchers. An authority in political sociology, representative institutions, anti-parliamentary forms of government, and proportional representation, Hermens was a faculty member in CUA's Department of Political Science during the 1930s, 1980s, and 1990s.

The materials document his long and distinguished career, from Bonn, Germany, in 1930 until he died in 1998. Hermens also taught at other major universities, advised various governments, contributed to professional journals, and published over a dozen books. Shortly after her husband's death, Mary Ruth Roberts Hermens donated The Hermens Papers, which include his lecture notes, correspondence with colleagues and publishers, drafts and manuscripts of his published and unpublished works, and materials related to his research and professional activities.

For more information, contact the ACHRC/UA at 202-319-5065.

Stump the Librarian: Incomplete Citations

A patron recently visited the Information Desk in search of the following:

"What Is Modern about the Modern Study of Religion" by Martin E. Marty, 5(1985).

He needed to find the text but could not determine if this was a book or an article because the citation was incomplete and confusing, which meant that he would have to search in article databases as well as library catalogs to find the full citation. The librarian searched in the WRLC Libraries Catalog, but the title did not appear. This particular author, too, has published over 200 books, which made searching more difficult. Rather than guessing whether to try OCLC WorldCat and/or ATLA Religion and perhaps other article databases, the librarian decided to try Google.

The librarian typed the following in the Google search box:

"what is modern about the modern study of religion" martin marty

The search produced one result, which made clear that the item was a book. Now the librarian opened OCLC WorldCat and searched for the title, which revealed that the book was available at 26 libraries.

Incomplete or incorrect citations are a common problem for researchers, either because they did not carefully record their sources while doing research, or because another author created sloppy citations. Google can be a useful tool for completing citations, though it too contains incomplete and inaccurate citations at times, and is not comprehensive.

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Researching Hot Topics in the News

Spotlight on CQ Library: Search for In-depth Coverage of Current Events Online

CQ Library offers full-text online CQ Weekly and CQ Researcher, nonpartisan sources for analysis of legislative issues. (Also available in print at the Information Desk in Mullen Library.)

CQ Weekly covers in detail "the status of bills, votes and amendments, floor and committee activity, and backroom maneuvering."

CQ Researcher provides in-depth analysis of a single current concern in each issue: homeland security, educational vouchers, MP3 downloading, and many other pressing subjects. Detailing the issue's background, pros and cons, outlooks, and bibliographies, this publication is useful for getting up to speed on the day's questions and controversies.

CQ Library CQ Library. Search in CQ Researcher Online for entire issues of the publication devoted to hot topics in the news: educational vouchers, MP3 downloading, hazing, the stock market, and more. Find overviews, pros and cons, and further reading. You can access this database in ALADIN under Databases by Subject--Alphabetical List A-M. (Also available in print at the Information Desk in Mullen Library.)
Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Lexis-Nexis provides keyword searchable full-text articles from newspapers that cover general, industry and market, and legal news.You can access this database in ALADIN under Databases by Subject--Alphabetical List A-M.
Alternative Press Index
This database indexes nearly 300 alternative, radical, and leftist periodicals, newspapers, and magazines, including abstracts from academic journals that focus on social, political, economic, and cultural change. Subjects include: anarchism, democracy, ecology, feminism, gay and lesbian issues, indigenous peoples, labor, and socialism. 1991 to present. You can access this database in ALADIN under Databases by Subject--Alphabetical List A-M.
Periodical Abstracts With abstracts and many full-text articles, this database is a good place to go for further research into hot topics in the news. You can access this database in ALADIN under Databases by Subject--Alphabetical List N-Z.
Facts on File
World News Digest
For the weekly news in digest form, Facts on File is a great source. The print publication condenses the news from 200 sources, such as newspapers and government web sites. Available at the Information Desk in Mullen Library.
Government Information
on the Internet
Search carefully selected government web sites for current government information, or browse the list of topics.You can access this database in ALADIN under Databases by Subject--Alphabetical List A-M.
An excellent index of links to newspaper web sites worldwide and in the U.S., including those of local and regional publications, such as the Laurel Leader (Laurel, MD) and Virginia Lawyers Weekly. Free online.
Today's Front Pages This Newseum site offers hundreds of PDFs of newspaper front pages from all over the world and links to the newspaper web sites. With no real search features, this functions less as a research site than as an interesting map of worldwide headlines. Free online.
Press Display
Akin to the above site, Press Display provides access to 160 newspapers in 40 countries--and you can read the entire paper online as image files, complete with magnification tools. Free online.
Headline Spot A portal that links to a wide variety of news and information sources and is organized into categories--news by region, by subject, by columnist, and more. Free online.
Google News Search the latest news or browse headlines from, as Google claims, 4,500 sources. Free online.

For more information on researching issues in the news, visit or contact Mullen's Information Desk at 202-319-5070 or try the WRLC instant messaging reference service Ask A Librarian.

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CUA Libraries Help Build Syriac Digital Library

The CUA Libraries, in cooperation with Beth Mardutho/The Syriac Institute and Brigham Young University, is engaged in a project to digitize rare Syriac materials (books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, etc.) housed in CUA's Semitics/Institute for Christian Oriental Research Library.

This work builds part of a larger venture to establish an Internet digital library for Syriac studies: eBeth Arké: the Syriac Digital Library. It also is part of a larger project for a Web-based Eastern Christian Reference Library. The CUA project will extend over a five-month period, from March through July of 2004. For more information about this work, please contact Monica Blanchard, Curator of Semitics/ICOR Collections, at or 202-319-5084.

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