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The Semitics/ICOR Library was established to support the teaching and research activities of the Department of Semitic & Egyptian Languages & Literatures and its Institute of Christian Oriental Research (ICOR). The library holdings reflect the twofold interests of the department: the languages and thought of the Bible and the Ancient Near East; and the languages, literatures, and history of the Christian Near East.

Hyvernat et al.
Henri Hyvernat (1858-1941), Arthur A.Vaschalde, C.S.B. (1871-1942), Patrick W. Skehan (1909-1980); Edward P. Arbez, S.S. (1881-1967) at the Semitics Department, 108 Mullen Library, May 27, 1939.


 Semitics/ICOR collections complement the holdings of CUA's Religious Studies and Humanities Services. Relevant subject areas include: Semitic and Egyptian languages and literatures; Hebrew Bible and Old Testament philology; papyrology; Christian Oriental Studies (Arabic/Classical Armenian/Coptic/Geez Ethiopic/Old Georgian/Old Nubian/Syriac); Islamic studies in general, with good coverage of early Islamic theology and philosophy, and of Muslim-Christian relations in their historical and modern contexts. The Semitics/ICOR Library receives some 230 print and online periodicals. At this time only a small portion of the library holdings appear in the University Library Catalog: Researchers may find cataloged books in the WRLC Catalog of the Washington Research Libraries Consortium. Many Semitics/ICOR materials remain uncataloged, and readers should consult the staff for assistance.



The Catholic University of America is located at 620 Michigan Avenue N.E., Washington, D.C. 20064. The Semitics/ICOR Library is located on the garden level (Rooms 032-038) of the John K. Mullen of Denver Memorial Library on the university's campus. Room 035 is the entrance. The Semitics/ICOR Library houses the Department of Semitic & Egyptian Languages & Literatures and its Institute of Christian Oriental Research (ICOR). Department classes, workshops and conferences are scheduled in the library rooms. The rooms also contain offices and work areas.

The Semitics/ICOR library is open by appointment Monday-Friday between 9:00am-5:00pm, except for university holy days/holidays. Weekend or evening hours may be scheduled with the curator.

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Monica J. Blanchard
Curator, Semitics/ICOR Collections
tel. 202-319-4532

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Kitab Kalila wa-Dimna
Kitab Kalila wa-Dimna in Turkish. Miniature from CUA Hyvernat Turkish MS 3. 18th/19th cent.


CONTRIBUTORS: Monica J. Blanchard (Curator, Semitics/ICOR Collections)

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